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2022 Iowa AAU State Tournament Local Results- Boys & Girls

This past weekend the Iowa AAU State Tournament took place in Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, featuring our state’s best youth wrestlers as well the Iowa AAU Girls State Tournament.


On the Youth boys side, there were many impressive performances as 41 local wrestlers made their way onto the podium as Sate Place Winners, including three State Champions, two 7th graders for Bettendorf Wrestling Club- Brayden Koester and Carson Ferguson, and Durant 8th grader Kamdyn Kraklio!


Pack732 lead the way locally with 14 State Placers, followed by Bettendorf with 7 and North Scott with 6.  PACK732 also led our area from a team score perspective, placing 9th in the team race.  Bettendorf finished 12th and North Scott 16th, which are both very impressive finishes for school-based clubs.


Local placers in the Iowa AAU State Tournament:

Agoge Wrestling Club (5 placewinners)

5th-6th Grade 86 Eli Edfors- 6th place

5th-6th Grade 98 Matthias Thornburg- 8th place

5th-6th Grade 98 Kepler Carmichael- 2nd place

7th-8th Grade 90 Cale Johnson- 8th place

7th-8th Grade 125 Lincoln Jipp- 3rd place


Assumption Elite (2 placewinners)

5th-6th Grade 114 Rolan Alvarez- 8th place

5th-6th Grade 120 Keegan Alvarez- 4th place


Bettendorf Wrestling Club (7 placewinners)

3rd-4th Grade 86 Casen Nache- 4th place

5th-6th Grade 108 Connor Hill- 5th place

7th-8th Grade 120 Cody Trevino- 2nd place

7th-8th Grade 140 Kendyll Kerr- 7th place

7th-8th Grade 160 Armon Williams- 4th place

7th-8th Grade 160 Brayden Koester- 1st place

7th-8th Grade 260 Carson Ferguson- 1st place


Big Game Wrestling Club (1 local placewinner)

5th-6th Grade 108 Owen Pugh- 8th place


Davenport West Future Falcons (3 placewinners)

3rd-4th Grade 90 Johnny Bell- 7th place

5th-6th Grade 128 Michael Ramirez- 6th place

5th-6th Grade 138 Rashawn Harris- 7th place


Maquoketa (1 placewinner)

A 3rd-4th Grade 130 Hunter Bickford- 4th place


North Scott Lancers (6 placewinners)

3rd-4th Grade 70 Carter Kruse- 8th place

3rd-4th Grade 74 Gavin McDermott- 5th place

3rd-4th Grade 98 Torrin Schmidt- 3rd place

5th-6th Grade 114 Zach Green- 6th place

7th-8th Grade 130 Will McDermott- 7th place

7th-8th Grade 171 Jackson Stevenson- 6th place


PACK732 (14 placewinners)

3rd-4th Grade 62 Dregar Stuart- 5th place

3rd-4th Grade 130 Wyatt Limburg- 5th place

5th-6th Grade 70 Bo Hake- 2nd place

5th-6th Grade 86 Troy McQuillen- 7th place

5th-6th Grade 108 Owen Collier- 4th place

5th-6th Grade 128 Zander Weaver- 7th place

5th-6th Grade 160 Garrett Weaver- 3rd place

7th-8th Grade 70 Dawson Kaska- 4th place

7th-8th Grade 95 Mason Shirk- 7th place

7th-8th Grade 100 Liam Adlfinger- 6th place

7th-8th Grade 110 Gabriel Brisker- 5th place

7th-8th Grade 125 Seth Reiland- 8th place

7th-8th Grade 130 Hayden Hill- 6th place

7th-8th Grade 189 Andy Franke- 4th place


Team Cruse (1 local placewinner)

7th-8th Grade 171 Kamdyn Kraklio- 1st place


Wilton Wrestling Club (1 placewinner)

3rd-4th Grade 94 Kellen Chaffee- 3rd place


The Girls AAU State Tournament was one for the record books, as over 600 girls participated, including many of our local female wrestlers.  When all was said and done, 22 local girl wrestlers came away as State Place Winners, including State Champion, Pleasant Valley’s Abigail Meyrer!


From a team perspective, the Assumption Rising Knights club lead the way with 8 placers.  The Rising Knights Girls Club continues to lead the way in our area as several girls from other schools workout with them and wrestled for their club at the AAU State Tournament, as such they placed a local high 7th place as a team in the team race.


Local placers in the Iowa AAU Girls State Tournament:

Assumption Rising Knights (8 placewinners)

Grades 3-4 100 AvaLynn Northup- 5th place

Grades 5-6 91 Annibelle Juarez- 4th place

Grades 5-6 91 Valentina West- 3rd place

Grades 5-6 100 Amya Bass- 4th place

Grades 5-6 130 Ava Vrana- 6th place

Grade 7-8 145 Alyssa Juarez- 6th place

Grades 9-12 120 Olivia Rogalla- 6th place

Grades 9-12 152 Aine Moffit- 1st place


Bettendorf Wrestling Club (2 placewinners)

Grades 3-4 100 Victoria Petersen- 4th place

Grade 7-8 85 Olivia Hernandez- 4th place


Central DeWitt (1 placewinner)

Grades 5-6 82 Greenley Grell- 5th place


Davenport West (2 placewinners)

Grades 9-12 114 Jadalynn Daily- 7th place

Grades 9-12 145 Niah Smith- 2nd place


Durant (1 placewinner)

Grades 9-12 107 Carlie Jo Fusco- 6th place


Durant Cat Pac (1 placewinner)

Grade 7-8 155 Jenna Lowder-ingle- 7th place


Muscatine (1 placewinner)

Grades 9-12 185.1+ Bayley Hawkins- 8th place


North Scott (3 placewinners)

Grades 3-4 100 Eloise Lightle- 2nd place

Grades 9-12 114 Khylie Wainwright- 5th place

Grades 9-12 152 Jorie Hanenburg- 2nd place


Pleasant Valley (1 placewinner)

Grade 7-8 125 Abigail Meyrer- 1st place


Sebolt Womens Wrestling (1 local placewinner)

Grades 9-12 120 Hannah Rogers- 7th place


Wilton Wrestling Club (1 placewinner)

Grades 5-6 91 Josslyn Holladay- 6th place



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